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The Best Wedding Sneakers For Brides – According To Brides

Wedding Sneakers

It’s a big day and a big outfit. But no matter what, you should be comfortable in wedding sneakers. From the ceremony to the reception and everything in between, white wedding sneakers are key if you’re not into heels—and you don’t even have to break them in.

And after the day is done, you can get so much more wear out of your wedding sneakers. Take your white sneakers on your honeymoon and then keep them as part of your everyday wardrobe. For brides who like to plan ahead, wear your wedding sneakers to your shower and maybe during your bachelorette festivities too. Comfortable sneakers are always essential, especially comfortable white sneakers.

Classic White Sneaker Options

You can’t go wrong with Classic Leather, Club C, Classic Nylon and Princess styles. Simple and timeless, these white sneakers work with everything from high fashion gowns to vintage dresses to contemporary designs. These classic bridal sneakers let you and your dress shine. If you love high-tops, choose Freestyle Hi for your wedding sneakers. If your style is bolder, try Zig Kinetica or a chunkier sneaker to make a statement with your bridal sneakers.

Match Bridal Sneakers to Your Dress

Go for classic white wedding sneakers or ivory-colored kicks to match your dress. Or, add a pop of color to your wedding sneakers with colored details or pastel leather. Whatever your bridal vibe, Reebok has sneakers to match the look you’re going for. Just like your dress, the beauty is in the details for wedding sneakers.

Reception 101: Wear Comfortable Sneakers

Wedding sneakers are essential to having the best time at your reception. When you’re on your feet the whole evening, white wedding sneakers keep you going. Even if you’ve already found your perfect pair of pumps, make sure you have a pair of sneakers on hand for when you (inevitably) want to change out of them at the reception. From the dance floor to family photos to greeting each one of your guests, treat your feet right in comfortable sneakers so you’re pain free all night long.