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Blackview Launches The World’s First 99.44% Blue Light Glasses

As an innovative tech company, Blackview focuses on more than just electronic devices with TÜV Rheinland’s low blue light certificated display. Born from a concern for users’ eye health, including blue light blocking, UV protection, and anti-glare, Blackview launches new anti-blue light glasses BG802, which are dedicated to providing users with the best anti-blue-light eye protection and perfect eye comfort. To resolve your problem about ‘how to choose blue light glasses’ (Here is the guide of the benefits of blue light blocking glasses).

Blackview Launches the World’s First 99.44% Blue Light Glasses

Up to 99.44% of Anti Blue Light Blocking

– Harmful Blue Light Killer

Given the risks associated with exposure to harmful blue light, including eye pain, vision loss, and eye illnesses, Blackview has committed to finding solutions for users. Achieving double blue light blocking with OAR Anti-radiation Coating and Optical Absorptive Substrate, Blackview BG802 blue light blocking glasses offers up to 99.44% anti-blue light blocking with TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification, which is approximately three times the blue light blocking compared to the majority of blue light glasses that only block 30–50% blue light.

It provides complete eye protection to prevent eye strain, dry eyes, and vision loss after a long day of working, studying, or gaming in front of a screen, which is highly recommended for those who spend long hours staring at screens, such as office workers, students, and avid gamers, to reduce visual fatigue and protect their eyesight.

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