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Angel Reese, A New Reebok Partner, And College Basketball Champion And A True Trendsetter In The World Of Sports Fashion

Elevate your game with this style-forward partnership that embodies both athletic prowess and style sophistication. Angel Reese, a college basketball champion and a true trendsetter in the world of sports fashion.

For Angel, her uniform isn’t just on the court; it’s a reflection of her individuality and fashion-forward mindset. From the Lux Dress to the Club C Vintage, Reebok Hoodies featuring DREAMBLEND fabric, and the timeless Classic Leather, Angel Reese embodies the perfect blend of style and performance.


We’re proud to announce a new Reebok partner who’s a college basketball champion, but also a style forward athlete. Angel Reese has her uniform on the court, but she also has her off-the-court uniform. That includes the Lux Dress, Club C Vintage, Reebok Hoodies with DREAMBLEND fabric, and Classic Leather just to name a few. Simply put, she’s got an eye for style.